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    Question Directory Mailmerge / Data formatting is off following Macropod awesome tutorial

    First to @macropod, thanks for the in depth tutorial on how to do Directory Mail merge. Spent 2 days searching for this information. Followed all of your tutorials. So far I have been able to reproduce everything as you outlined with the exact result except for a few examples where the $ did not actually come through in word after completing final step Alt+shift+f9. The one exampled I am really struggling (formatting is off- see pic example) has to do with " Using a Dummy Last Record to Generate the Trailing Content Per Group"
    As you can see in my exampled the formatting is off. I have tried to play with the spacing but can not get everything to line up as it should.. What am I overlooking. I already played with the paragraph alignment, etc.
    merge issue.jpg
    Any tips are great appreciated..


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    Your images suggest you are trying to manage the formatting by padding the fields out with spaces. Uggh! Whoever taught you to do that? As should be done, the tutorial uses tabs & tab-stops.

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