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    Windows 10 upgrade on Lenova W520 laptop

    The first of my three pcs to be upgraded to Win 10 was a Lenova W520 laptop. The upgrade was done at an MS store; the MS utility had assured me that the W520 was upgradeable to Win 10.

    The laptop has been working reasonably well since the upgrade - no real initial complaints except for Lenova error messages saying that the DiskDefragmenterGUI and the NetworkSharingCenter are unavailable.

    One of the uses of my laptop is to run PowerPoint shows for groups at a facility that does not have a pc but does have wall-mounted hi-def displays (HDMI). The W520 has an interface that - with proper intermediate cabling - allows it to directly drive a display by its HDMI port. This interface is not working since the Win 10 upgrade.

    I tried to find suggested actions (such as an updated driver for that port) on the Lenova site, but I now find out that Lenova will only help with W530 and onward. [The W520 is a fairly heavy duty unit that I purchased in mid-2011 to match the pcs at a high-tech company that I served.] Lenova refuses to help me with my issue.

    Can someone "out there" help me determine if there is hope for using that port (and, if so, how to do it)?

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    As I see it you have two options.
    1. Find a driver for the port - may not be possible.
    2. Revert to your old OS and stick with it.

    To find a driver you need to open Device Manager, right click on the Windows flag and select Device Manager, or Start > Run, devmgmt.msc
    Expand Display Adapters. You may already see a device with a yellow exclamation mark.
    Tell us what you find - post a screen shot.

    cheers, Paul

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    After the upgrade to Windows 10, did you install the Lenovo ThinkVantage System Update (currently at v5.07.0013) that extends compatibility with Windows 10? It may help with your DisplayPort issue. (I guess you're using the W520's DisplayPort next to the ventilation grill on the left-hand side of the laptop.)

    The Lenovo ThinkVantage System Update is available from the Lenovo W520 support page (last item in the component list).

    If you can't get an updated driver then - providing the wall-mounted hi-def display supports it - you may need to use either the W520's VGA output or, using a ThinkPad Basic USB dock, DVI output (though you'll still need to install the latest drivers for the USB dock to use with Windows 10).

    Hope this helps...
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