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    Refurbished Cisco Routers

    Hi! I just like to get your opinions about getting a refurbished router. Some of you might be familiar already with Cisco, right? This brand is known for catering routers and switches. However, their prices are a bit high compared to other brands in the market. Well, I guess their units have high standards & performances. Anyway, our boss here in the office would like to upgrade to Cisco. But according to our Finance Manager, we cannot afford to get a brand new unit this year. We have to wait for the 2016 budget which is still being drafted by the heads. We only have around $600 available and this cannot afford to avail a brand new unit, lol. So the solution we see is to consider a refurbished item. We found one company that offers used Cisco units: But, of course we are not 100% sure if these 2nd hand items are really reliable. We would like to get some of your insights on this. I am still looking for other similar companies here in Middle East. That Curvature is in the United States. Thank you for your time and looking forward to read your replies soon.
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    Cisco routers are good, but do you have the expertise to set one up?
    There are plenty of enterprise grade routers for less, that are potentially easier to configure.

    What do you currently have?
    Why do you think you need a new router?
    What do you want the router to do and how many computers will be connected to it?
    What throughput do you require? If you have 20 x 1Gb ports and you want them all to run at full speed you need a 20Gb backplane and that ain't cheap.
    Do you require redundant power supplies? You also need redundancy in your comms room power.

    cheers, Paul

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    +1 for what Paul said, you need a bit of expertise to set them up.

    Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.

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    A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... Oops, wrong story...

    A long time back, my company setup a Citrix system at a client and the guy we had working for us at the time insisted on using Cisco routers. I had never used them so decided to go along and help out so I could learn more about them.

    What should have been a half day job turned into a two day job because of the complexity of setting up the routers. My guy kept telling me he had worked with them before and hadn't had any problems. I finally left him to finish up with the warning that all the extra costs on the job were coming out of his commission.
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