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    Malicious adware's latest trick is replacing your whole browser

    On Friday, infosec celebrity Swift on Security pointed out a new piece of adware called the "eFast Browser." It does the kind of malicious crap that we've all seen quite often over the years: throwing pop-up and pop-under ads on your screen, putting other ads into your web pages, pushing you towards other websites with more malware, and (of course) tracking your movements on the web so that nefarious marketers can send more crap your way.

    But what's nefariously intriguing about this software is that it isn't trying to hijack your current browser, it's straight-up replacing it. As reported by Malwarebytes, eFast tries to delete Chrome and take its place, hijacking as many link and file associations as it can. Its icon and window looks a lot like Chrome's and it's based on the open source Chromium project in the first place, so it acts a lot like Chrome too. The software comes from a company calling itself Clara Labs, which is actually behind a slew of similar browsers with names like BoBrowser, Tortuga, and Unico.

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    I've run into a similar piece of malware, the "Search" browser. It was amazing how fast it pushed my computer towards a bunch of other websites loaded with malware.

    Malwarebytes told me how to get rid of this and more than 15 pieces of other malware.
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