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    Question Conditional hyperlink depending on field

    I'd like to have a hyperlink appear (or disappear) based on the presence of a field. The field is the name of the product.
    In the end, I'd like the text to look like this:

    To access Product x, click here.

    I got the ''To access" part with an IF command to appear if the field Product X is filled in my excel database. However, when I try to apply an IF command to a Hyperlink field, it disables the link.

    Any idea how I could fix that?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Working hyperlinks cannot be nested inside IF fields. You mention product data being supplied from an Excel database. If that's via a mailmerge and the hyperlink is included in the Excel file, the Mailmerge Tips & Tricks Sticky thread at the top of this forum has an item that shows how you can turn 'To access Product x, click here' into a clickable hyperlink as part of the mailmerge process.

    Paul Edstein
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