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    I have a database that I need to sort when the database opens.

    I need it to sort by the department field and then alphabetized within that field. I know how to have it sort by the department field, but can't figure out the rest.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Well, considering there is no "department field", you are going to have a problem.

    Assuming there will be one, first remove any sorting. Then, select each column for sorting in the reverse order you want; that is, if you wanted to sort by "Department" and then by "Item", you'd first sort the "Item" column and then the "Department" column.

    Beyond that, you don't have a database here; you don't have much more than a spreadsheet. There is a litany of glaring problems immediately visible: your Food table doesn't have a Primary Key; you defined your Quanity (I assume this was supposed to be Quantity) as a text field which eliminates doing anything like using this for totals and such; nothing is indexed; you shouldn't be entering data directly into a table, you should be using forms for data entry; etc.

    I'm assuming this is your first foray with a relational database. This is not something you can easily pick-up on your own. I'd strongly suggest you take a class to get you started-off on the right foot. Quite frankly, you aren't likely to get much help from anyone in this or any other forum, because although many of us are here to help people with their questions, we don't have the time to teach Access to anyone.
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