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    Move macros from Normal file to Global file in Word 2010

    I've been saving all of my macros in my normal.dotm file. I didn't realize that wasn't the best place for them until it was pointed out on another thread here. Can someone help me figure out how to move all of them to my global file WITHOUT having to record them all again and still have all of my shortcut keys still work? I hope that makes sense. I'm using Windows 10 and Word 2010. Thanks so much!

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    Easy, just rename the Normal.dotm and move it to your startup folder. You will need to have Word closed in order to do this but then when you reopen Word, a new Normal.dotm will be created to replace the one that moved.

    Personally, I like to put lots of macros in my Normal.dotm since they are always available and editable. The whole point of having Normal.dotm is to do exactly this. If you have stopped editing macros then you can place them into startup but I'm a tinkerer and so I like to keep those macros handy.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    I'm probably the one who urged storing macros being used in a different global template from the normal template.
    I keep lots of macros in my normal.dotm, but not ones that I use regularly. I have a module called Resources that is full of (mostly private) macros that won't show up in a list of macros. These are things that do something helpful or may be works in progress. I regularly back up the normal.dotm but regard it as something that I can live without if something goes wrong. My global templates have the resources I use on a daily basis. They are more trouble to work on when they are in a different template but no harder to use.

    Andrew is right that the easiest way is to rename the normal.dotm file to something like mymacros.dotm and put it in your Startup Folder. This will not transfer any custom or customized Styles. For a way to store these in a global template, see Global Stylesheet?

    I regularly have ten Add-Ins that are loaded, each of which handles a particular area of my Word use. They each contain AutoText, macros, QAT modifications, and/or keyboard shortcuts. Two contain my ribbon modifications. This lets me easily transfer these modifications to other computers or users. Some of them are on my downloads page.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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