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    Remedies for common printer pains


    Remedies for common printer pains

    By Michael Lasky

    Print-spooler jams, overpriced ink, and mechanical failures soon after the warranty expires; these are just a few of the printer hassles that have contributed to our love/hate relationship with computer printers of all brands.
    Here are some solutions that will make us feel a bit better about our most ultimately expensive peripheral.

    The full text of this column is posted at (paid content, opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    Comment and Question re. Article

    Great article on printer issues. Have saved that one about printer spooling issue as that occurs every so often.

    As for ink usage, I didn't realize that ink was used on start up, just on "Clean Print Cartridges" mode so thank you for that information.

    We have an HP All-in-One. We print only infrequently so have been leaving the printer off unless it is needed. This may not occur for several days.

    I've found that the print is streaky and hard to read in places if I leave the printer on for some hours but don't print. This means I have to clean the cartridges to get things working properly again.

    Question - which I realize you may not be able to answer here...

    In this case, are we still better to turn it on only when needed, despite ink usage?



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    Many printers automatically go into "sleep" mode when inactive for awhile. I've been powering mine off at night [when I remember], back on in the morning - or when I need to print.
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    This approach may not be for everyone, especially if workspace is at a premium, but it's worked very successfully for me.

    After having gone through a number of inkjet printers over the past twenty years with varying results, and having spent a lot of money on ink, several years ago I bought three inexpensive printers: a Brother HL2240D B/W laser printer, a Konica Minolta magicolor 1600W color laser printer, and a Canon PIXMA iP4920 inkjet printer.

    I use the Brother for most of my day-to-day printing, the Konica Minolta when I need to print a color document, and the Canon exclusively for printing photos. The cost of each printer was considerably less than $100, though that may no longer be true.

    I have yet to replace a toner cartridge in either of the laser printers, and only a couple of the ink cartridges in the Canon.
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    Hi, I leave my Canon pixma printer on all the time but also do not use it every day. When its not in regular use, when passing every week or so, I do a "nozzle check pattern" directly from the printer with the pc off (any scrap paper), taking seconds. This procedure has kept ink usage to a minimum and always ready to when the occasion arises for printing.

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