We have a small home office (1p) / home (4) peer-peer net. Five PC's with a variety of OS's - P133/W95, C400/W98, C500/W98SE, P500/Me & Athlon 1.4G/WinXP. Also an old 486-100 laptop with W3.11, but rarely used now days (only 5 of us <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>. There is an LJ4000 printer on the XP PC & a DJ720C printer, Scanjet 6390 & Plex CD writer on the Me, plus various CDROM's or DVD's etc. All PC's (except the laptop) connect to the internet via cable through the XP PC using ICS. Also a variety of Office versions (97SE, 2000 & XP)

Sounds complex, but has generally worked well till a week or two ago. Have had serious (non-network related) problems with XP since bought a couple of months ago, esp problems caused by Norton SW 2002 (NAV?). Most of these have now been resolved following advice from Semantic (disable NAV auto startup, etc !!), but there is still a memory leak (?) that causes XP to run out of resources every 7 hours (consistently), requiring 2-3 reboots per day (I still suspect NAV or related here & are frustrated enough by this!).

The Me PC has slowly been degrading for many months & reached a point where a reformat of c: & reinstall became necessary last night (with some disastrous results :-( eg. 2 months of user profile info & emails lost !!) & still have a major job in front reinstalling needed drivers etc. Clean installed Me & updated to latest (IE6 etc)

One of the problems experienced was that as of a week or so earlier, every attempt to print to the LJ4000 (on XP) from Me resulted in the following error message: