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    How to change an application's task bar icon?

    Can anyone tell me how to change the icon that a program displays in the Task Bar?

    To be clear, I'm not talking about icons for pinned programs. Just the icon that shows up in the taskbar after the program is started.

    I think I should be able to do this from a shortcut's Properties dialog, by clicking the "Change Icon" button on the "Shortcut" tab. When I do that, though, nothing happens. The icon in the dialog doesn't change; when I click Apply or OK, the icon that represents the shortcut doesn't change; and when I use the shortcut to start the program, the taskbar icon doesn't change.

    I thought it must be failing because the shortcut was set to Read Only, but I checked; it's not.

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    I suspect Windows uses the first icon in the software but doesn't provide a way to change it.

    cheers, Paul

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