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    I need to Pull data from one sheet to another based off cell value

    So I need to track times over all and by employee. I created a spreadsheet to track the Over All times.

    How can I separate it out to different sheets for each individual employee?

    See the attached spread sheet.

    thank you
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    It would be helpful if you kept this to a single thread since it is a single project.

    What you need here is the same AverageIf function we used before.

    Ex for Dispatcher 1 it would be: =AVERAGEIF(Time_Entry!H7:H9,Agerage_Times!$B9,Time _Entry!G7:G9)

    The above formula can be filled down to accommodate the other dispatchers.

    The only other thing you really need here is a Dynamic Range name for the two ranges so as you add rows the formulas will automatically adjust.

    Dynamic range names: {entered in the Name Manager on the Formulas tab}

    Dispatcher: =OFFSET(Time_Entry!$H$7,0,0,COUNTA(Time_Entry!$H$7 :$H$5006),COUNTA(Time_Entry!$H$7:$H$7))
    TimeElapsed: =OFFSET(Time_Entry!$G$7,0,0,COUNTA(Time_Entry!$G$7 :$G$5006),COUNTA(Time_Entry!$G$7:$G$7))

    With these defined your formula becomes: =AVERAGEIF(Dispatcher,Agerage_Times!B9,TimeElapsed )

    Here's a file with both sheets incorporated. Avg Disp Time.xlsm
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