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    Import Contacts Not Working, Outlook 2010

    I installed Outlook 2010 on a friend's laptop a few days ago, and set it up to connect to her Yahoo email account. I couldn't remember how to get the Contacts from her Yahoo account into Outlook, and ran out of time to work on that. I did, however, export her Yahoo Contacts to a CSV file on the laptop. When I located the procedure to import the Contacts in the Outlook Help file, I told her to give it a shot, and she reported she couldn't get it to work. Yesterday I was at her house again, and ran the import procedure myself. There are 67 Contacts, but all that happens when I run the procedure is that 67 blank Contact entries get created! And it doesn't matter which option on duplicates I pick, the next time I run the procedure another 67 blank Contact entries get created. I looked at the CSV file in Excel and nothing looks weird about the entries. Any ideas about what might be wrong?

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    I would guess that the export file is incomplete. Can you try to re-export?


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