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    Surface Book and Pro 4: Two stellar portables


    Surface Book and Pro 4: Two stellar portables

    By Patrick Marshall
    The conventional wisdom was that Microsoft doesn't get hardware. If "Microsoft" and "hardware" appeared in the same sentence, it was usually in the form of a joke.
    But the apparent quality of the new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 put Apple and PC vendors on notice that Microsoft is taking hardware seriously.

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    You said: "Microsoft Surface Book - 128G ..... On models equipped with the NVIDIA GPU, the screen reverts to graphics hardware built into the Intel processor when detached. That's okay for watching movies or cruising the Web, but it's a liability for intensive image editing or 3D-rendering work."

    Does the cpu have Intel's QuickSync feature? If so, that feature is a very good tool for video editing and conversion, being both fast and producing a high quality image result.

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