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    Changes to Win10 and OneDrive draw complaints


    Changes to Win10 and OneDrive draw complaints

    By Tracey Capen

    Two recent announcements from Microsoft have created an outcry from power Windows users. The company plans an even harder push to move current Windows 7 and 8 users onto Windows 10. And a OneDrive change provokes a user petition.

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    I never heard of unlimited storage with Office 365. Maybe it's because I'm in Australia.
    I only ever heard of 1tb storage, which I thought quite good @ AU$12 per month, since you also get the complete Office suite, including updates (now Office 2016) both in the cloud and on your desktop, whichever you want.
    I don't see Dropbox or anyone else equaling that value .. I used to use Evernote until OneDrive and OneNote came along.
    Both OneDrive and OneNote are included in Office 365, and each of them can be shared online either in part or complete, and with anyone you wish.
    Seems OK to me.

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