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    'Recover Deleted Items' command unavailable (Outlook 98 (ver 8.5.5104.6))

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm sending this question out to you like a message in a bottle; I hope someone reads it that knows how to fix this problem! One of our users cannot use the "Recover Deleted Items" command from within her "Deleted Items" folder. She is using Outlook 98 (ver 8.5.5104.6), Corporate or Workgroup, on a Win NT 4.0 machine with Service Pack 6. She is using Office 97 with SR-2 installed.

    I went into Tools==>Options==>"Other" tab==>"Advanced Options"==>Add-in Manager, to verify that the "Deleted Item Recovery" checkbox was checked (it was). If I'm not mistaken, the "Deleted Item Recovery" checkbox comes from the "Dumpster.ecf" file, which was updated in Office 97 SR-2 (see KB Q192874).

    I uninstalled Outlook 98 and reinstalled it, and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?

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    Re: 'Recover Deleted Items' command unavailable (Outlook 98 (ver 8.5.5104.


    "This feature is only available if your e-mail delivery point is set to your mailbox on the Microsoft Exchange Server"
    <A target="_blank" HREF=;EN-US;Q182528>OL98: (CW) How to Purge or Recover Deleted Items</A>

    Feature can be disabled for an individual mailbox
    <A target="_blank" HREF=;EN-US;Q228934>XCLN: Understanding Deleted Item Recovery</A>

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