I copied the following quote from an E-Mail I received this AM from RoyalDiscount's marketing, interesting reading:
Symantec and Veritas split!

If you've been following along, you already know that Symantec and Veritas are in the midst of a split. Symantec will continue almost all product lines except Backup Exec, which will return to Veritas product offerings. Check our mailer in coming weeks as we begin to list all Veritas products. Backup Exec will be licensed the same with the exception of NO MORE SMALL BUSINESS EDITION. This will now be fulfilled as the Capacity edition and licensed based on how much data you're backing up.

Capacity Edition, The Good:

No agents required! Purchase a single license to backup any number of databases or server-based applications. Great for small businesses as this can keep costs way down.

Capacity Edition, The Bad:

As this is licensed by data-backed-up, you end up paying more for larger backups.Maybe this isn't necessarily bad, but it can certainly affect costs if you previously used the SBE.

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