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    Three or more paths to the log-on prompt

    I'm puzzled (and a little irritated) by the great variety of ways that Windows 7 can behave when a user wants to log in.

    For a long time, my laptop displayed the password prompt when I powered it up. A few months ago, for no discernable reason, that changed; now it displays a log-on screen, and I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del to get the prompt. I just got a laptop at work that works a third way; I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and then press Enter.

    Why is log-on so unpredictable? Can I do anything to make it behave consistently?

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    One of the great things about Windows is we can set it up many ways. Your work has decided to do it one way, your own PC does it another. I have mine auto-login because I don't feel the need for a password for Windows.

    A search will give you ideas about how to change the login.

    cheers, Paul

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