In the process of modifying Outlook profiles, I somehow managed to end up with my calendars in one profile (.pst file) and my email and contacts in another. Is there any way I can move the calendar data from one profile to the other so I can eliminate one profile? My default profile uses Outlook.pst and is believed to contain only email and contact data, but Iím not 100% sure about that. The other profile uses Outlook (old).pst and is believed to contain only some, if not all the calendars.

Also, my Outlook home screen shows two sets of folders in the left margin area, both with the heading Donís Personal Folders, but only one of which appears to be active. Iíd like to get rid of the unused one, but think I need to fix the calendar issue first. I think I can delete the unused one by going into the Outlook account settings and deleting the reference to the (old) file. True? I want to be sure I know what Iím doing so I donít lose any data in the process.

I asked for assistance on these issues on the Microsoft Community forum and received no guidance.

Any help to eliminate this inconvenience would be much appreciated.


Don Eager