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    Unhappy Problem with MS Mahjong Game

    Stop! Before you read this, know that the MS Store Games support folks said my problem is with Windows 10 and NOT the game itself. Now that that is settled, I'll let you know what is happening. I successfully upgraded from Win 7 PRO (64-bit) to Win 10 PRO. Believe it or not the upgrade was very smooth with no problems with drivers and all of my programs installed and work properly. After a week feeling pretty good about the whole thing. After becoming hooked on Win 7 Mahjong Game, I then downloaded from Microsoft Store the Microsoft Mahjong game suite. I dove in and was playing without a problem for 2 or 3
    days. Then a problem developed. After the initial game startup screen, I played, in sequence all the "freed up" games to qualify to pick any other game from then on. This worked fine for a day or two. From that time on, when I chose to play any games, the game would not come up but I would receive the initial screen showing only the title "Microsoft Mahjong" screen and not going to the selection screen. I waited a long time (a few minutes, not seconds) without anything happening. I elected to use Task Manager to kill the process. I then tried to start the game but when I selected a game, the screen cleared giving only the initial screen, as before, but that screen appeared only for a couple of seconds and then cleared and went back to the desktop and the process disappeared. As mentioned at the start, the MS Store game support said that it was not the Game problem but a Win 10 problem. I soft of believe that it might be a problem with MS Mahjong as the MS Solitaire game works fine for each solitaire version.

    After this long preface, I'm wondering if this is unique to my PC or if anyone else has had the problem or can suggest what may be happening. By the way, I have uninstalled and, after a shutdown and startup, re-installed the game. I have done the uninstall/reinstall twice but the problem persists.

    Big Don

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    I would check the Windows Event logs and see if there are any errors related to the game...

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