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    Transferring Palm Pilot data to Outlook

    Been using a Palm at work since 1993. My personal Palm Pilot Tungsten E2 dates back to 2001. There is a LOT of data in there and the associated (proprietary) files.

    Alas, the handheld is getting really flaky. Sometimes the unit will run fine on the battery for an hour or so, other times it powers down even on the charger cord.

    I do not have, or want, a smart phone; so I decided to go with a Windows 10 tablet. Everything is pretty OK. Since the tablet is 32 bit I was even able to sync the Palm hand held to the tablet.

    What I am wondering is there an 'easy' way to convert the data from Palms format to Outlook? That way I could sync through OneDrive to my desktop (currently Win7 Pro 64 bit). I reallllllly don't want to have to type in all umpteen hundred contacts or the calendar since 2001.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Moderators: If this is in the wrong neighborhood, please feel free to move it to another forum.

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    There might be some useful info in this NY Times tech article...

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