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    Safe Windows 7 Updates?

    Any chance that Ms Bradley might post a list of this year's Windows 7 updates that she considers to be safe to install?

    Earlier this year, my wife and I replaced our WXP machines with W7 ones while we still had the chance. Primary reason was to continue to be able to run favorite apps and peripherals, some of which reportedly are W10 incompatible.

    Then we learned that MS might be downloading snoopware and forced upgrades among the future updates, so we've blocked everything and have installed nothing.

    Both machines are running nicely, but Belarc Advisor reports a whole list of missing patches. Some could be beneficial, but we have no real way of knowing.

    We would be grateful for a list of W7 safe must-installs.

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    There is a "master" Patch Watch list, but it has not been updated in a while (February).

    I would review the latest Patch Watch columns...

    There are currently no security-related patches that are "on-hold", or "skip".
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    Here are a list of updates to hide if you don't want to be rushed into Win 10, but the notation about KB2670838, I have that installed as well as IE 11 and haven't experienced what it says.

    There's just one thing that I've noticed recently and that is I can no longer view pages side by side or any of the other combinations, but as I don't know when that stopped, I can't nail it down to anything in particular.

    To stop any auto updates, in Windows Updates change the settings to Check for updates but let me choose.. and if there are any updates that you aren't sure of, click on them and then on More info in the right pane.

    Should any Win 10 associated updates slip through, you have GWX Control Panel to fall back on, but when you are ready for the upgrade to Win 10 then you will need to change the Windows Update settings back to Auto.

    While your hardware may be Win 10 compatible, other things may not be but it's reckoned that if it can run in Win 8.1 then it should be good for Win 10.

    To check that, run the Win 8.1 Upgrade Assistant.

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    I have set my Windows Update settings to send only Important and Optional updates. I've always had WU set to only notify me of updates, but not download or install any of them. That way I can uncheck any I hear of that are not good. Usually these come in as Recommended updates which I have unchecked. Go to "Change Settings" under Windows Updates in Control Panel to do this. Most Win 10 Nag updates are the recommended ones.

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