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Thread: Disabled ?

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    Disabled ?

    Looking at Settings -> Update, I find on the proper page that my qualifier to receive Previews was shown as Disabled in Advanced Options. I clicked on Stop Insider Preview Builds, then re-enabled it. Yeah ! It was set to slow, I got it to fast easy enough.

    What will this gain me ? I totally ignore, time will tell. Also, I have accepted a few updates to Defender and none will show in View Update History.
    I wonder if they will be recorded now ???

    Has anybody else seen this ?

    Also, I am back to a USB key LAN. I can not get my LAN recognized at all, I had it going fine before 10586 but now it is gonzoed ! I copy to a key whatever I want to share, believe me, I have tried all I could see or think of in Homegroup and Network, nogo !

    All best wishes. Jean.
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