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    Behavior of Programs in Taskbar

    How do I control the performance of programs in the Taskbar. More particularly, can I control whether an activated Taskbar program opens a new icon on the Taskbar. For example, Chrome is in position 1 (WinKey+1) on the Taskbar. Previously, in Windows 8 when I opened Chrome a new icon did not appear on the Taskbar and the original icon in position 1 related to the open Chrome window. Now in Windows 10 when I open a Chrome Window a new icon appears at the far end of the Taskbar and clicking on the original icon in position 1 opens a new Chrome window. Can I make Chrome in Windows 10 work like it did in Windows 8?

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    I'm not sure this is answering you but...

    Items on the Taskbar can be moved laterally, repositioned; Win+# will work whatever is @ that # location. The, in this case, Chrome icon can be Pinned to the Taskbar and (then) work w/ that one Chrome icon (when opening addition sites w/in Chrome.

    May be 'missing the mark' in terms of understanding & responding to your query... but, attempt made, anyway.

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