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    WINDOWS and WINNT directories

    My PC has both WINDOWS and a WINNT directories, with much content duplicated (fonts, for example). I installled Windows XP over an existing Windows 2000 installation. It looks like WINNT is the "active" Windows directory. Can I safely delete the WINDOWS directory?

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    Re: WINDOWS and WINNT directories

    Jim, I'd lay money that if you delete the folder you're left with a non-working system. There really is no easy way to tell if anything is being used from the non-system directory. You can find out for certain which is the system root by opening a command prompt and typing the word SET, and pressing enter. Amidst all the gibberish you will see a line that reads SystemRoot=C:Windows or C:WINNT - that is your system directory.

    When you say that you 'installed XP over an existing Windows 2000 installation' do you mean that you upgraded, or performed a clean install of XP with 2000 still on the drive?

    Either way I have a bad memory from trashing a Windows folder from an NT4 box that was cleanly installed - and then I was left with a dead machine. You could create a TEMP_WIN directory and move files and folders to it in small increments, and if nothing goes awry then delete them after about a month. If something comes up screwy, undo your last change. This won't be effective on an NTFS partition since you can't boot to a DOS prompt and do basic repair work though.

    I think the moral is......proceed with caution......and if you really want to be safe, back up your critical data, format the drive, and start fresh.

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