If your in a rush to get the update, this article explains it.

Microsoft this week posted links to disk image files in .iso format for Windows 10's first upgrade, giving users a way to install the latest version of the OS without waiting for the company to push the code via Windows Update.

With a disk image, users can create installation media -- such as a flash drive or DVD -- for one-off or multiple-device migrations to Windows 10, or to reinstall the operating system over a corrupted copy.

The .iso files -- which for the English edition were sized at 2.8GB for the 32-bit version, 3.7GB for the 64-bit version -- can also be used to boost Windows 10 from July's original RTM (release to manufacturing) to November's 1511, the in-OS label Microsoft has applied using its new yymm release dating identifier.

That was the advice given by many on Microsoft's own user-to-user support discussion forums when people asked why they had not yet seen Windows 10 1511 offered by Windows Update. "I'm running Windows 10 10240. The 1511 update does not appear in Windows Update for me," said a user labeled as Bob Marley 77 in a message Thursday.