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    File Explorer doesn't appear in taskbar

    I "upgraded" my spare laptop to Windows 10. It is a Lenovo Twist, previously running the 64 bit version of Windows 8.1. Most things work well, but many programs (File Explorer, Thunderbird, FireFox, Chrome, Secunia PSI) fail to appear on the taskbar. They don't show up when they're running. The ones that were pinned to the taskbar under Windows 8.1 still report as being pinned to the taskbar when I right click on them on the Start Menu under "all apps" but also fail to show up on the taskbar regardless of whether they are running or not. Other programs (IE, Paint, Settings, OpenOffice, CCleaner, VLC Media Player, MalwareBytes, Skype, Notepad) all show up normally. How I can get the missing programs to show up on the taskbar?

    Four months later I can no longer reply to this, but I have most of an answer.

    While trying to recover from an unanticipated Windows 10 "Update" I noticed that there was an icon sticking half way out from under the "Task View" icon on the task bar. Playing around some more, I found that you can right click on the search box, then pick "Search" and you have a choice between displaying the search box, displaying an icon, or getting rid of it completely. Lo and behold, that's where my pinned taskbar icons were hiding! Instead up putting them to the right of the search box/icon, they were starting immediately to the left of the Windows menu icon. If other things (the search box and task view icon) got drawn on top of them, then I just couldn't see them. Pin enough junk to the task bar and the stuff to the right is visible. So I still have no idea how to fix what is clearly a Windows 10 bug, but I do know how to make sure that the icons that I want pinned to the taskbar are actually visible!
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