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    Lightbulb SOURCES for Downloads of APPS DELETED by Windows 10

    I had Win7 Home Premium installed in my Laptop but was upgraded to Win10 Home after the Microsoft free upgrade.
    My laptop had MS Office 2010 , Adobe Photoshop CS6 with related Adobe apps, and a few other 3rd party apps...

    All were working fine, until I tried to install a Sound Editor (.amr file editor) that I downloaded from Softonic (which I discovered later that most of its downloadable software are laden with "surprises" / malwares that hijacked my browsers).

    To keep story short, I wanted to go back to my previous working settings, with which I thought SYSTEM RESTORE would be appropriate. So I looked for system restore and chose the last with critical update position over another which was taken a couple of days earlier and proceeded with the System Restore.

    It took sometime for the system to respond, and eventually displayed a feedback that THE SYSTEM RESTORE WAS UNSUCCESSFUL.
    So I tried to go back again to choose the earlier one -- but to my dismay, WINDOWS 10 CANNOT FIND ANY PREVIOUS RESTORE POINT anymore!

    I had no choice but to REFRESH the system losing all of my apps, including MS Office, etc - as i mentioned above..


    (1) The experience that I'd like to share is that - WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE SETS THE SYSTEM RESTORE to OFF !!!
    I confirmed this by asking our IT guy in the office where I work by asking him to verify his Win10 upgraded pc if the System Restore is set to OFF and indeed, it was OFF. Perhaps, those who made the upgrade, and had so far not used the System Restore, would be wise enough to check and do what is appropriate - to either leave System Restore OFF or switch it ON..

    But, Microsoft's upgrade to WIN10 should leave SYSTEM RESTORE to ON as default.

    (2) Meanwhile, I'm left with a list of APPS REMOVED (by Win10 Refresh) on my desktop - which includes several Windows components which I don't know whether or not they are required by Windows 10, some components/drivers which were originally part of the installation of my laptop ( Samsung RC-420) , MS-Office 2010 & components, Photoshop CS6 + related apps, among others... All of which are referred to by links on their respective websites, but which don't have any source to re-download and install using all respective original licenses for them.

    Any help or tips where to obtain these apps for download and eventually re-installed?
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