My desktop is a Win7 Pro with OneDrive installed. Tablet is an HP Win10. Both have Office 2007 installed (legal copies).

I want to be able to access my Outlook contacts and calendar from either location, with updates from either showing up on the other.

What files would I move, and how do I move them to a OneDrive folder so that they are the default folders? I don't use Outlook for email; I am only interested in the Contacts and Calendar as I move from the Palm Pilot environment.

Someone told me to make a shortcut to the user\appdata\microsoft\outlook folder on OneDrive. Haven't tried it yet but that would store the folder on one machine or the other and both would have to be on and have internet connectivity, right?

If I just copy the folder to OneDrive how do I get Outlook to default to that file location?

Thanks in advance for your advice,