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    How to reset the new Edge browser to defaults


    How to reset the new Edge browser to defaults

    By Fred Langa

    Microsoft's new Edge browser is a first-generation product it has some rough spots. When things go awry, here's how to reset, rebuild, or replace the browser. Plus: Avoiding a clean-install when upgrading Vista to Windows 10, so you can retain the original system's existing files, settings, and installed apps!

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    I have 3 problems with the Edge Favorites which I hope will be fixed in a future upgrade. I do like the Favorites Bar though. 1. When you add a new Favorite, it is not added alphabetically with the other Favorites. You can move it up manually but that's aggravating because you sometimes end up with the new folder inside another one and you have to start over. We need an option to automatically alphabetize all Favorites. 2. When I go to Favorites, I have to wait about 30 seconds for all my Favorites to be available. And if I try to go to a Favorite while it is still finding the other folders, it will not work properly. We need for all Favorites to be instantly available when you click on them (as with IE). 3. To find a Favorite, you are limited to only one letter. So, if you have several folders that start with S, you can't go directly to the proper one by typing in its name. You are limited to using only 1 letter from the keyboard. I think you should be able to type in the entire name or at least several of the beginning letters-- as you can do with folders in Outlook email.

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    On browsers, I know there is a lot of opinions out there. I know Chrome is fast. But I use Firefox as my default because I support the approach of Mozilla. Google has become pushy and invasive and Chrome is not above that.

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