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    To Run Or Not To Run in Win10

    Once in a while I use a graphics program to crop or otherwise manipulate images.

    With this brand new Windows 10/x64 I was thinking of installing a (registered) copy of Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI. It installed OK but when I tried to run it I got a NYET message. It didn't work at all. So I corresponded with Corel about it.

    My question:
    "I re-installed Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI on a repaired older Vista computer. But when I started the program I got 'This copy of Paint Shop Pro has expired, and will now terminate'. How can I remedy that situation?"

    Yeah, yeah. That Vista is a little white lie. I wasn't ready to admit that I was too cheapskate to again pay (now 25% off) 67 for the latest Win10 compatible edition over the 100 I had already paid for PSP Photo XI.

    Corel's Tech answer:
    "Thank you for contacting Corel Customer Support.
    Unfortunately is PaintShop Pro not supported on Windows Vista.
    The last supported operating system was Windows XP.
    Corel Customer Support Services"

    I guess the software checks a Windows version number.
    Two remarks about that:
    1. Why didn't it, with an appropriate message, refuse to install in the first place?
    2. Why didn't it say "incompatible" instead of "expired", the latter suggesting it only needed reactivation?

    Anyway I wrote back to Corel a last time:
    "Oh well, never mind.
    My much older Paint Shop Pro 8 works perfectly well in Vista and, except for the screenshot function, also in the Windows 10 Home of my main computer. I'll keep using PSP8 and take the occasional screenshots with Windows' Snipping Tool or with IrfanView.
    So finally, thanks for nothing.
    From The Wood Owl, With (not much) Love."

    This last was no bluff. PSP8 actually runs more stable in Win10 than it did in Win7. Except for its screen capture which turned useless above Vista, but is nicely and efficiently replaced by Snipping Tool or Irfanview.

    I have a Canon BJ i965 printer and a Canon LIDE 70 scanner. When visiting Canon's website for drivers, I was warned that these devices are not compatible with Win10. This is total BS. Both printer and scanner (now with Win7/x64 drivers) work perfectly well, just as they did in Win7/x86.

    Final conclusion:

    All this goes to show that you can't fully rely on manufacturer's statements or hearsay.
    You have to check it out and try it for yourself on *your* system.

    Good luck.
    E Pericoloso Sporgersi
    "It is Dangerous to Lean Out! [of Windows]"

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    "Not supported" is not the same as won't work. It just means you're on your own and Corel will not assist with any issues you might have.

    Your last comment about trying it yourself is right on the money.


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