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Thread: DMZ and OCS

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    DMZ and OCS

    Hi guys,

    I have communicator 2007, I have a ocs edge server and ocs internal server. I was wondering would the edge server need to be connected to the network. This is a DMZ server as well.
    I did ip config and two private addresses come up along with one public. I was thinking that there was something my end was needed in the firewall. I inherited this im just trying to make sense sorry if it sounds stupid Communicator works fine internally but not externally the error messages are shown below. Would so much appreciate any help

    network.PNGaddress.PNGcalls ocs.PNG

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    Normally your edge router connects to the DMZ and your internal router connects the DMZ to the network. The edge and internal are often the same box - it's a logical separation on the box, physical on the cables.
    The edge server is designed to sit in the DMZ and provides a barrier to the internal systems, with access via ports in the internal firewall/router. Internal traffic should go direct to the OCS server.

    Are the error messages from the edge server or external clients?
    Does traffic flow from the edge server to the internal OCS server? Check connection from the internal server.
    Have you checked that the internal firewall has ports open for the edge server?

    cheers, Paul

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