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    Cannot load Flash player for use on Windows Internet Explorer 11

    Hello again, colleagues all! My development and maintenance work on computers has been somewhat spasmodic sine I retired and hence I have not had much of a presence here. However, as start a new project or pick up the threads of an old one, I have a great sense of confidence, because I know that if I find myself in any sort of difficulty, there is one place that I just KNOW that I will get the best advice, and that is, of course, Windows Secrets!
    I am currently undertaking some web development for a ceramic artist (my daughter-in-law), the owner of a print gallery (a friend of my son) and site of an organisation called the U3A (University of the Third Age) - an organisation for self-education of senior citizens. Unlike my earlier work, which was usually for one company or client at a time, these sites are public-facing ones, so I have to check to be sure that my creations will work under different browsers. Currently, I have Windows Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 40, Chrome 46 and something called Chromodo 45, which I only picked up because it incorporated a recommended firewall. My sites will incorporate or link to slideshows and videos, many of which call for Adobe Flash Player to be installed. My standard Browse is Internet Explorer and when using it, I frequently get messages stating that I must download the Flash Player. I go through the motions and the installation is apparently completed, but the same message crops up when I do a test run. When I try Google Chrome or Firefox however, Flash Player seems to be present and works perfectly. Have any of you remarkably people out there got the one esoteric piece of advice that will solve my problem??

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    While you haven't said which version of Windows you are using, running the Flash Player Uninstaller and then a fresh reinstall has been known to work, but another member has an open thread on exactly the same problem and I gave the same advice for which we are waiting for confirmation feedback.

    This uninstaller is not applicable to Win 8.0 or above.

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    As this is IE11 were talking about, note that you cant install/uninstall Flash Player in W8 and above because its now built into the browser. The usual reason Flash doesn't work is that Active X Filtering is turned on. Check the icon in the address bar (top right of the screen). If its on, go to Tools>Safety and turn it off.

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