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    Undefine FUnction 'format'on expression (2000)

    Is was working fine. I try to run the same program on a different PC and now said "undifine funtion 'format' on expression. What can be wrong?

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    Re: Undefine FUnction 'format'on expression (2000)

    This is probably a references issue on that machine. You could open one of the code modules or open a form in design view and go to its code module. Then from the Tools menu in the VB Editor, select references. If one of the items in the list has a MISSING in front of it, uncheck that item and see if it fixes the problem. Be aware, however, that some items can't be unchecked because they're required to run Access. Others might have to be replaced with a reference to the version available on that machine. If you can't make it work, come back with more information on the missing references and someone may be able to suggest a workaround.

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