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    Windows Vista audio has gone missing

    I've had this problem appear today—no audio.

    I've tried all sources, Media Player, You Tube and Windows sounds.

    Audio from You Tube was working yesterday ans were the Windows sounds. I hadn't played CDs for a while but I doubt that there was a problem until today.

    The computer is an HP nx6320 running Vista Business. I use a docking station but I tried the audio output from the computer to see whether the docking station was at fault—still no sound. Oh, and no, the audio is not muted in the computer or You Tube.

    I suspect a setting somewhere but I can't find anything.

    Can anybody cast light on this dilemma?

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    You might try running the Sound troubleshooter in the section Hardware and drivers...
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    I had this same problem awhile back, too. What I found was that during one of several sound driver updates a driver was installed that didn't work on my Vista machine! I deleted the driver and rebooted, letting Windows reinstall my sound drivers. Voila! That fixed it, and I made sure that I NEVER reinstall that driver again! Isn't that aggravating? I hope this helps!

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    If you have a recent restore point (from before when the sound went away), you could try restoring it. Better still, an image backup. Or you could look in Device Manager to see if a sound controller has somehow become disabled.

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    Have you by any chance added a second video output? On my Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2 system, when I configure my Nvidia control panel such that I activate a TV (I have an HDMI cable plugged into the back of the PC's video card, and then on to the TV) as a second video output, the sound is canceled on my PC (but not on my TV).

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    Drivers are usually the first thing to check but on two occasions last year when one of my sisters had Internet problems, I noticed a red X on the audio icon.

    Running IE without add-ons and prior to running AdwCleaner, I downloaded the audio driver but the next time around, ran ADW first which restored the audio as well.

    I don't know what it was that ADW cleaned out but it's the first time I'd seen something nasty take out an otherwise no-essential device.

    Not saying this is your problem as you haven't said you have a red X on audio, but you never know what you will pick from going on YT - my sister's passion was Facebook

    You could also try working your way through

    EDIT - Just noticed the date on the opening post - probably fixed by now as the OP hasn't been back.
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