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    auto populate tables

    I have table _Job, that gets populated when a new job is awarded. The fields are as follows:
    ID - Autonumber
    JobName - text
    JobNumber - number
    Locaton - text
    Mapsco - text
    PavDate - date/time
    SubDate - date/time
    Flatwork - date/time

    I have 5 other tables:

    Each of these tables has a 1 to many relationship to _Job.ID, using JobID as field name in each of these tables. My question is how can i get the field JobID populated with the ID from the _Job table as new jobs are added?


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    If you do data entry into those other table via subforms on the form to which you entered your _Job record, you then set the Linking field properties: the Master property as ID and the Child property as JobID.
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