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    Keyboard doesn't work after updating to 1511 Windows 10 build

    This is more for information for all of you. I was pushed the 1511 update yesterday on my Dell Vostro 470. Everything went well until I powered up my computer this morning and found that the keyboard worked in the sign-up screen but once inside Windows the keyboard did not work. I tried the following, changing the driver for the keyboard (there were 2 listed), deleting the driver and letting it reinstall, and checking for updated keyboard drivers from Dell. No joy. Finally I went into Windows settings to roll back the install. It asked me if I wanted to check for any available updates before I rolled back the system. So I let it do that and it updated quite a few things. After everything installed and a reboot, still no joy. Then I looked at the keyboard setting in Control Setting. I found that if I typed in the repeat rate test box I could see the letters but the repeat rate was super slow. Strange! Coupled with the fact that the keyboard worked on the sign-in screen, it made me wonder if something else was going on. I tried typing in the Edge browser window with no result but if I held down a key, eventually the letters would show up in the window. That brought me to a little known setting Sticky Keys which is available in the Ease of Access settings. So I went into the Ease of Access settings to Keyboard and Sticky Keys was toggled off. Darn! Below Sticky Keys there was a setting for Filter Keys which adjusts keyboard repeat rates! This was turned on. I flipped it to off and now I have normal typing ability in all programs. Don't know why Microsoft has this turned on by default. Not anything I would have ever turned on. But hopefully if any of you fine people run into this same problem my wasted 2.0 hours will save you some time. Merry Christmas!
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