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    Mail App Not Working in Windows 2010


    I upgraded to Windows 10 and I cannot get the Mail app to work. During setup it found my email address and setup up an account for Outlook with the server I synced the account but I do not receive any mail.

    I setup two more accounts and in advanced mailbox settings I used the following:
    Yahoo Mail for incoming for outgoing
    Frontier Mail for incoming for outgoing

    Cannot get additional accounts to work. I have synced both accounts. The Yahoo Mail account I get "We didn't find anything to show here". It also says I am up-to-date.

    The Frontier account is the same as above with "Attention Required" which is driving me crazy--I fix or dismiss and nothing gets resolved.

    This app was convenient and worked fine in Windows 7--anyone have a fix?

    Jean M.

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    Apparently the W10 Mail app is woeful. Try something else.

    cheers, Paul

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