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    Double Figures Captions

    When I slect a figure then go to References/Insert Caption, select Figures for the Lable I get "Figures 1: Figures 1" and that's what it puts on the page. If I check Exclude Lable from Caption I get "Figures 1: 1". If I check Include Chapter Number in the numbering dialog I get "Figures 1: Figures 1-1".
    How do I get rid of the first "Figures 1:"?

    C DeWitt

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    From your description I would say that the first Figures 1: is coming from paragraph numbering attached to the style "Caption".

    You can choose one or the other but the usual way that Word works is to use an unnumbered style for captions and the text for Figure is inserted by Word along with a Seq field for the figure number.

    I would fix this by modifying the style for Caption to make it unnumbered.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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