Some history first: HP P7-1110 desktop purchased several years ago. Came with Win7. Patched often to latest.
After a couple of years I installed Ubuntu in a dual boot configuration to see what the buzz was about.
Have been able to use both OS's without any problems. My purchased 3rd party apps work only in Windows so I am there mostly.

Last month I updated Win7 to Win10 and had some issues with USB drives being non-functional, so I did MUCH research to sort that out with no success.
They had been OK in 7 so I pasted (with Macrium Reflect) the most recent image of 7 back onto the primary partition and got USB recognition back. :0)
Then upgrading to 10 again from there went as smoothly as the previous upgrade.
USB's recognized in 10.
All apps and data are good.

But there's this other glitch in that:
1. The Ubuntu 'grub loader' now shows the Win loader as being a restore point.

2. Boots very slow into Win showing the Logo splash screen twice and an extra long time with a blank screen and all seems good once into Win 10.

3. More searching the web and 'scrounging' around inside of Win settings I found, in Disk Management/Properties for the primary C drive, that Win boots into "Healthy (Boot, PageFile, CrashDump, Primary drive)"

4. The Previous Versions tab in C's Properties shows 2 instances of 'file history or from restore points'.

5. In msconfig I attempted 'Use original boot configuration' with no success.

Is this a Windows boot situation or something I must do in the 'grub loader'?
It seems to be a Win thing, as I think having to boot through 'page file/crash dump' is the cause of the slow boot.
But I've been wr,wr,wrong many times in my life.

I seek advice.