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    Need Netgear 7550 hardwire & wireless PPPoE replacement

    Need Netgear 7550 hardwire & wireless PPPoE replacement
    I'm on AT&T DSL. I'm using Netgear 7550 hardwire and wireless single-unit modem/router.
    It uses protocol PPPoE. Does anyone know of a more expensive, more high-qaulity, rock-solid, no-nonsense, alternative modem/router that is protocol PPPoE?
    Any single modem/router [or any combo of 1 modem and 1 router] has to have 4 ethernet ports.
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    PPPoA/E is just a tunnelling protocol that connects you router to your ISP. Lots of ADSL routers support PPPoA/E.
    Why do you need another one?

    cheers, Paul

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    I am considering replacing my current DSL modem/router with this one from TP-LINK...

    I have one similar to the Netgear (aka Westell), and there are no more firmware updates being offered by Netgear or the ISP's who provide them (Frontier, CenturyLink, AT&T).

    Additionally, "bufferbloat" is a big problem, and cannot be corrected on these devices.
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