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    Backup Warning !

    Beware if you are using windows system image backup (Windows 7) and upgrade to windows 10 your backups may become inaccessible.

    Windows 10 changes the drive ID and Computer Name.

    I have a neighbor with a catastrophe because of the 1511 Windows 10 update / upgrade.

    I recommend you follow at a minimum the advice at:


    Get a good backup plan or you may loose your important files or family pictures.


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    The computer name can be changed...

    The drive ID can be changed using DISKPART.

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    It's always been like this with Windows backups.
    I have lost count of the number of people I have helped who thought they had usable backups but - for a legion of reasons - didn't. The fact that a backup has been made is only half the story - if you can't use it when you need to you were, sadly, in false paradise.
    As there are several excellent free image backup utilities which suffer from none of the Microsoft version's preciousness - and a couple of truly outstanding paid-for-but-not-expensive image backup utilities - my advice to anyone and everyone is to not rely on the Microsoft backup utility.
    I happen to use Acronis as I think that a few is worth it for the certain knowledge that my backups will remain usable over time and across a wide set of disaster circumstances. There are others which are no doubt just as good.
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