If you use Verizon email (mail.verizon.com), have you found a way to use "Send to" with Win 8.1 ?

This PC came with Win 8 new and is a year and half old. Please don't suggest Win10 because it fails due to a Nvidia driver issue, but MS keeps trying to force it.

I have Office 2013 installed.

I used \Control Panel\Default Programs\ .mapimail function: Change app and have not been able to find a way to link .mapimail to Verizon (or even Outlook.com).

Paul T. suggested in another thread that any shortcut can be installed in the \Windows\StartMenu and I tried to do that, but Verizon is a "pinned site" and rejects the creation of a Shortcut (at least for me, anyway).

I have removed the Mail recipient.MAPIMail file and created a new one using Notepad, but it did not work either.

There is also a .eml (Microsoft) email message that is undesignated.