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    Questions about compatibility

    I am currently running Windows 7 professional (all patches, etc. installed) on a custom built machine. It runs just fine for my current purposes. I no longer have the need for all the things I used to when we built this machine ( put it together for us) yet I still like to use a lot of the programs, etc. things I once needed. As you all know, I have been getting all sorts of pop-ups asking me to upgrade to Windows 10.

    First, will it update me to the same edition of 10 as I have 7 (professional) or will it just give me the basic program?

    I am tempted to upgrade but I do not want to lose my Office 2007 (the version without Access and Publisher but with everything else. I forgot exactly which one that is) as well as my Adobe Creative Suite 4. Since both are older programs I do not know how well, if at all, they will run on Windows 10.

    Everything else I use I could replace with a new program but I really am attached to the 2 aforementioned program suites. I rely on both of them all the time and although I have the program activation key for both of them, we lost the disks in a small fire a few years ago. Yes I can use PrimoPDF, which I love, but don't know if it has the much needed - at least for my needs - typewriter function - and I could probably get away with Photoshop Elements - but not really. Those are the 2 programs in Creative Suite I use the most. But Photoshop Elements will really not cut the mustard.

    Does anyone here know if I will still be able to use these particular versions of these programs, AS INSTALLED, if I do the dirty deed and upgrade to Windows 10? I need Outlook, Word, Excel, Acrobat Pro and Photoshop but could do without the other programs in the packages. Outlook (just the contacts and calendar) is probably the most important for me. I rely on it multiple times daily.

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    Use the Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant...

    Microsoft has said in the past that if your hardware and applications are compatibile Windows 8/8.1, they should work in Windows 10 as well.

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    Before you allow the upgrade to happen (and it won't if your hardware is incompatible) make sure you do an image of your Windows 7 partition, and a backup (export) your Outlook data. Open Outlook 2007, -->file -->Import and Export --> Export to a file --> Personal Folder File (.pst) --> Next --> click "personal folders" at the top of the tree, check the box that says "include sub-folders" --> next --> browse to an external device or thumbdrive, choose the top option (replace) and click finish.
    Now, if anything goes wrong you can (a) reinstall your windows 7 and get back to what you've got now, or (b) if you do a clean install with windows 10, and reinstall Office 2007, you can import all you saved Outlook data, including Calendar, emails, address book etc.

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    If you are running Win7 Pro you will be upgraded to Win10 Pro.

    See Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10 for instructions if you have the GWX app installed.


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