I wonder if anyone can help on this one? And if I am not clear in my explanations, hollar at me, of course! <img src=/S/blush.gif border=0 alt=blush width=15 height=15>

We have an Ipac 3650 o/s CE3.0.9348 build 9616
It has a pcmcia compac WL110 card for wireless connection.

We have found that if we assign an outside IP # we can retrieve our email, and cruise the web but we cannot access our domain server. If we assign an internal IP # we can still retrieve mail but we cannot access the web & we still can't see the server. We use MS Proxy client on all of our internal stuff, wired desktops and wireless laptops all running some form of Win9x, so I figure we need some form of it on the IPAC for starters. But what?

Another confusing part is that the WL110 card wants an IP # and another item listed in network properties is a NE2000 compact ethernet driver which also wants an IP #. Why do both of these need #? And do they use the same #? We did try putting an outside IP # on one and an inside # on the second one but with no success. We ended up putting the outside IP # (same one) in both places but we are uncertain if that is what we were suppose to do.

Okay, we would really rather have the IPAC go through our domain server to get to the outside world. That way we won't have to use a valuable outside IP #; we would be able to monitor its usage; and we would be able to protect ourselves from virus problems.

TIA for reading this and any advise would be really appreiated.