Not really a question just a FYI that may help others.

I've been running W10 Pro since July with no problems to speak of, when I first upgraded W8 I was running dual boot with W7 Home. Only upgraded because I didn't like W8 and mostly used W7.

I left W7 on as dual boot on a separate HD this was never upgraded, and I've now found I rarely use it at all. So I have an old XP box that I use as a spare in my workshop upstairs, rarely gets used except for the odd reference stuff. Decision to update to W7 and add the 500g H/D at the same time,fitted the HD with W7 already loaded and of course it objected to the new set up, MB etc is all 6 yrs old or older. Anyhow after some messing i decided to just reinstall completely. So I thought may as well go to W10 as I'd had all the notifications for it on 7. Couldn't connect to the net W7 couldn't find the wifi dongle, I had the ISO for w10 so I ran that as upgrade worked fine until I got to the request for the SN wouldn't accept it and rebooted, tried again as a custom went in ok but wouldn't activate. Gave up for a while and had a read on here, read the sticky on activation and went to the MS site and read a bit more and realized I needed the 1511 ISO. Downloaded that and ran it on the old box as a custom, wouldn't accept the SN during install but once it was up and running went to settings to activate changed product key to my W7 number ans I now have a fully activated W10 box in the workshop. Would have been a lot easier if I'd read up first though. W10 home has picked up all the hardware on the old box with no trouble even though stuff like the old Sounblaster must be 10 years old now.