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Thread: SSD C: Drive

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    SSD C: Drive

    My new computer has a boot SSD C: and data HHD D: Will Win 10 system image create an image of the SSD and then restore it to the SSD? Thanks. --Mike

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    There are so many gotchas with Windows native backup utilities. I have helped quite a few people who thought they had a good, usable backup but, for one reason or another, it wouldn't restore in the precise circumstance they had. That is so frustrating !

    Until Microsoft change the fundamental ideas behind their utility I would always recommend one of the many good 3rd party utilities for this important task.

    I happen to use Acronis which is paid-for but excellent. It has never failed to deliver what I wanted, be it restoring single files, a whole partition or cloning a disk. There are other excellent paid-for utilities and I've seen posts in this forum recommending some of the good free ones such as Macrium Reflect, but I can only speak from my own experience.

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    Good morning Martin.

    I too use Acronis, paid for, and I should say that I abuse it. Lately, I had noticed that my C:\ had three extra partitions on it, blanks. Whence they came, I ignore. I wanted to merge them to the C:\partiton but you know how long it takes to merge some partitions and then hope to not lose the whole device. I remembered that Acronis does not move empty partitions, space on the HD, so I deleted them and let them be . . no format.

    I then cloned the machine to a USB device, I had a look at it ( Gparted ) and it was one ( 1 ) partition, the other three were gone. I then cloned it back to the C:\ and voilà ! It was a single partition on my machine. A FWIW for sure.

    I can not see why others do images, not clones. Granted, you can have many images on the one destination, I only want a single twin, the rest is history.

    All best wishes. Jean.

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    Macrium Reflect Free will also backup and restore your PC correctly, as will EaseUS ToDo, Aomei Backupper or Paragon Backup - all have free versions.

    cheers, Paul

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