If you want to get rid on those social media pop ups on the left hand side of your web page, this is how you do it.

1. Download Addblock Plus on Firefox

2. https://adblockplus.org/tutorials

3. Now find and click read more herebelow

Adblock Plus automatically installs a default filter list, based on the language of your browser. If you wish to learn how to add other filter lists, you can read more here. For more advanced options, like disabling tracking, click here.

4.Now find and click here below

Please click on "Add filter subscription", and open the drop-down menu for the filter list subscriptions to add new/more filters. Select the list you want to subscribe to, Adblock Plus automatically enable these lists by default. This menu only shows the most popular and recommended filters. Please go here for more filter lists.

5.Now find and click Fanboy's Annoyances and Fanboy's Social Blocking List

If you have any queries on this subject, please Google them as the above is really all I know.