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    How to find farkled text files?

    Using Word 2010 and Windows 7: Sometimes when I open an old document, gibberish appears on the scree in the File Conversion pop-open box. And no matter which choices I elect, the file remains unintelligible.

    The text that is visible inside the pop-up box is largely rectangle characters. I tried to cut some and paste them here, but in this message they have a different appearance : {}g}oww}o}~}~wwgwoow womo{}.

    Most of these documents are backed up elsewhere, so when this happens I can over-write the farkled file with an old good version. This is tedious, but at least I've not yet lost anything mission-critical.

    I assume the problem is that somehow some bits got lost and Word can't recognize what's there as an English-language text file.

    Is there any way to scan a folder to verify that all the files are "good"? Uncovering these farkled files only when I need them is a work-flow challenge. I'd rather set aside some time, check all my files, and fix the broken ones at my convenience.


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    Unless you can identify the files consistently I can't see a way. Is there a size or date you can go by?
    My Word 97-2003 docs have the term "Microsoft Word" in them, do your farkled ones? I viewed with Notepad++

    cheers, Paul

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