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    Outlook 2013 Scrolling problems

    Is there a way to scroll the message list [eg in Inbox] properly?

    "Properly" means:

    1. With mouse scroll wheel set to move a screen at a time [which it does in almost every other app], the list should scroll a screen at a time, not 2-3 messages at a time.

    2. Dragging the right-side scrollbar should move the messages window with the bar, as happens in almost every other app [Aero is on]. Screen only updates for me after releasing the bar.

    Is this the general experience, or have I sth weird going on? Other Office apps I use [Word, Excel, Access] work as expected.

    I can get a half-fix via Ctrl+End, now dragging the scrollbar moves the window, but the mouse wheel still doesn't work properly.

    [Win7x64 SP1, Office 2013x32 (via O365)]
    [currently 41 messages in Inbox]

    PS I don't use a message preview window.
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