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    Need help making unusual network connection

    I have searched the web for quite a while today and can't find anything that directly addresses my issue, so I thought I'd ask the experts here. I'm an "informed user" of PCs, but I have a tough time wrapping my brain around networks.

    First, I will describe what I have done in the past. In fact, this method still works, but I have a feeling it won't much longer.

    I travel quite a bit in an RV, and use my Galaxy S6 (with unlimited data plan grandfathered) on Verizon. I use EasyTether to connect the phone to a W10 tablet, either by bluetooth or USB. I used a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 last year, and used ICS and the virtual wifi router (NETSH WLAN) so the tablet would become a hot spot that would support other PCs via wifi.

    I got a Surface Pro 3 this year, and discovered that it will not support NETSH WLAN. I can set up the virtual router, but the driver for the SP3's wifi radio doesn't support the service, even though the radio is capable of running a hosted network. Research into the issue revealed that Microsoft is apparently "deprecating" the function, and it will be removed through Windows Update sometime in the future. Whether this is due to MS caving in to Verizon's desire to limit data usage through their network, or because "Wifi Direct" is supposed to replace it, I don't know.

    So, while the setup still works with NETSH WLAN on the Lenovo, I'm trying to develop another method to create internet access via wifi using the phone as a source.

    I have a D-link DAP-1350 travel wifi router with an ethernet port, and I want to set it up to get internet from the Lenovo via ethernet and broadcast it to two more tablets by wifi. I have both ends of the setup working: the phone gets the Lenovo connected to the internet, and the D-link router connects fine to the tablets. But there are two steps in the middle that I can't solve. The first is the ICS settings. I am sharing the EasyTether virtual network adapter with the ethernet adapter, but I'm not getting a connection. And then I have no idea how to configure the D-link router, which gives me a choice of setting it up as an access point or a router. The D-link manual assumes a lot more network knowledge than I possess.

    Since I'm not very good at networking, I may not be describing the issue correctly. I will gladly attempt to clarify if necessary. As I see it, the flowchart is:

    S6>EasyTether adapter>ICS>Ethernet adapter>D-link>wifi>tablets.

    Hopefully this makes sense, and someone can help me wade through the two steps that are stumping me. Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have...

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    Android phones can be set up as a wifi hot spot so you should be able to connect directly to the phone, leaving out ICS and the D-link. I would make sure the tablets have the firewall turned on and the network set to Public for increased security - your phone isn't a router and probably doesn't have the security of one.

    If the phone will only support one client, make it the D-Link set up in Wireless Client mode. You still need the firewall on your tablets.

    cheers, Paul

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